About Me

Hi visitors!

A Little About Me

Steve Barker

I’m Steve and I wish you a very warm welcome to my site about Roulette – written for New Zealanders by a New Zealander!

In my day job I’m a project manager for a web agency in Auckland (where I was born and grew up). This website is a pet project of mine to bring to life the passion I have for the game of roulette, and help other NZ folk learn more about it and where to play.
I try to fit this in around the demands of having three kids!
As well as roulette gaming, I also love console gaming – you’ll usually find me sat in front of the PS5 in the late evening!

Why I Love Roulette

I’ve tried and (generally) enjoyed all types of casino games over the years. I was quite good at online poker back in the day but didn’t have the patience to put up with the big swings of variance. Blackjack is fun but Roulette for me is the most exciting. It’s simple, it’s fast-paced, I don’t have to worry about opponents or other players, and a session can last as long or short as I want it to.

I also love that I can play roulette live (Sky City ftw!) and online – it’s such a flexible game that you can do either and have the same buzz.

My Promise To You

I want to bring fellow roulette players (new or old) all the information they need about the game, with a big focus on online roulette.
I am independent and you’ll never find adverts on my site. When I review a New Zealand online casino, I’ll do so covering both the positives and negatives.
I always love to hear from my visitors so feel free to reach out to me with any suggestions or questions.

Good luck at the tables.