What Does No More Bets Mean?

Roulette Wheel

There’s tons of terminology in roulette (and gambling in general). Today I’ll talk you through what ‘no more bets’ means – although it’s one that’s fairly obvious given its name. What is meant by ‘no more bets’? When a casino says ‘no more bets’ or ‘no more bets please’ it means you have to stop … Read more

Do Roulette Tables Have Magnets?

Do Roulette Tables Have Magnets In Them? No, roulette table’s don’t have magnets in them. Read on to find out why. Why They Don’t I’d never thought about magnets in the game before, until a reader emailed me recently asking the question. Apparently it’s a kind of conspiracy theory he’d seen on a few discussion … Read more

How Many People Die From Playing Russian Roulette Per Year?


How Many People Die From Playing Russian Roulette Per Year? We don’t know – very few people ‘play’ Russian Roulette (for obvious reasons) and the way it would be recorded on a death certificate wouldn’t state Russian Roulette as the cause. Most likely the cause stated would be suicide by firearm. Why We Don’t Have … Read more

Roulette Memes

I love roulette and I love memes. So, in this post I’ve collated seven of my favourite memes about the game I’ve seen over the years. Enjoy! 1) ….Aaannd it’s gone! I can 100% relate to this – you get a good feeling about where to bet and, well, it doesn’t quite work out! 2) … Read more