Can You Cover All Numbers In Roulette?

As experts in roulette, we often get asked some unusual questions. This week a reader asked me ‘can you cover all numbers in roulette‘?(I.e. can you place at least one chip as a best on every single number on the roulette board). The answer is yes, you can indeed cover all numbers in roulette. But, … Read more

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6 Beautiful Roulette Watches We Can’t Help But Fall In Love With

Roulette Watches – Putting Spin Into The Dial! Who else was jealous in 2020 when Drake showed off his new Astronomia roulette-themed watch worth a staggering $620,000?? I was! I’m quite obsessed with roulette yet had no idea you could get roulette watches, let alone ones worth more than my house!Roulette themed watches are great … Read more

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Roulette Memes

I love roulette and I love memes. So, in this post I’ve collated seven of my favourite memes about the game I’ve seen over the years. Enjoy! 1) ….Aaannd it’s gone! I can 100% relate to this – you get a good feeling about where to bet and, well, it doesn’t quite work out! 2) … Read more