Can You Cover All Numbers In Roulette?

As experts in roulette, we often get asked some unusual questions. This week a reader asked me ‘can you cover all numbers in roulette‘?
(I.e. can you place at least one chip as a best on every single number on the roulette board).

The answer is yes, you can indeed cover all numbers in roulette.

But, you’d be silly to do so (whether that’s with online roulette or live), as I’ll explain. In the meantime, here’s a meme I spent literally seconds creating:

Betting on all the numbers in roulette meme

Is Isn’t Profitable

I bet (pun intended) you might be thinking “if I bet on all numbers, I’m guaranteed to win”.
And you’d be right. But it still wouldn’t be profitable.

Here’s why – if you bet on all 35 numbers, a win makes you just $1 in profit.
But a loss loses you all $35 that you’ve staked.

And I’m afraid also betting on the zero or double zeros results in a very similar outcome.

It’s Annoying

This may sound silly but from a player point of view, covering the table is slightly annoying.
If you’re playing roulette online, it’s going to take lots of clicking to cover the bets.
If you’re playing in a live casino, it’s going to be really annoying placing a bet on every number each time there’s a round of gambling.

Summing up

This is a super quick article because there isn’t much to say. ‘Covering the table’ in roulette is possible. But will just lead to you losing money (because of the house edge).

So yes folks, you can bet on all the table if you want to. But it isn’t cool and it isn’t clever:)