Is Roulette Just A Big Scam?

If you’ve ever worried that roulette is a scam or a rip-off, I’m here to assure you – it’s not!
And you’re not the first person to ask the question, far from it!

That’s super easy for me to say, so I’d better explain to you why roulette isn’t a scam.

Let’s dive straight in so you know you can play with real peace of mind.

πŸ‘‰ Roulette Makes Casinos Money

Like any casino game, roulette makes ‘the house’ (casino) profit. That’s because of the ‘house edge’ – meaning over the course of time, the casino profits.

As roulette makes profit, there isn’t a need for the casino to scam you.

This goes for any casino game.

πŸ‘‰It Wouldn’t Be Worth The Risk To Scam You

Imagine the damage to a company’s reputation if they were found to be scamming customers

They’d be out of business very soon, whether on or offline. Then they’d make no profit.

Any scam would be very short-lived and would be small in value compared to long-term profit.

There’s an exception to this – and that would be the ‘old days’ of Vegas and other gambling resorts. With casinos once owned by ‘The Mob’, there were certainly scams happening.
These were easier to pull off back then as regulation and technology weren’t as good.

But things like that are now, thankfully, a thing of the past.

πŸ‘‰ Casino Companies Are Big

With gambling being such big business (over 2 billion dollars in New Zealand alone), investment into the industry is huge.

People gamble over 2 BILLION dollars in NZ each year,

As such, it’s big companies now that dominate both live and online casinos. Take Caesars for example – once associated just with their Las Vegas hotel, they now own 50 properties across the world.

Or MGM – years ago we might just have associate the name with their huge Vegas hotel. Now? They’re going big into online betting in the USA.

So going back to my point about risk – no big company would bother. When they’re making millions of dollars in profit, why risk doing scams that would put them out of business?

πŸ‘‰ But What About Online Casinos?

Online gambling is big business. Any casino you see featured on our site is legit, safe and trusted.

Like live casinos such as Sky City Auckland, there wouldn’t be much point in an online roulette site scamming you.

That would be a short term return risking reputation and legal action. Any decent casino is going to want your business for as long as they can.

Online casinos are regulated and have legislation related to them. And with sites like Trustpilot and Reddit, people would quickly be making reports of scams.

Read our guide to online gambling regulations for New Zealand.

Organisations like the below help regulate casino sites and keep the industry safe for you:

πŸ‘‰Do People Try Roulette Scams?

So if casinos don’t try and scam people, does it happen the other way around?

Yes – many people have tried to scam live casinos with various roulette schemes!

Scamming With Chips

  1. A simple, brute force scam. A scammer simply tries to steal chips from the table when the croupier isn’t looking.
    They then cash the chips in at a later date. So-called ‘distraction scamming’.
  2. ‘Color-up scam’ – back in 2013 a huge operation in Ohio was using this. Until they got caught!

Scamming With Technology

  1. In the early 2000s a small gang made a huge amount (Β£1.3 million!)) from scamming The Ritz.
    This was a super complex case (especially legally). Basically it’s believed the crew used a scanner within a mobile phone which then calculated where the ball was most likely to stop (‘sector targeting’). It’s an incredible case – well worth a read.
  2. And back in the 1800s, a guy in Yorkshire, UK, won a staggering Β£7.5millionΒ in Monte Carlo. Mr Jagger had discovered a flaw in the mechanics of the table.
    This meant the table would land on certain numbers more often than others. He took advantage of this and made an absolute fortune!
Joseph Jagger
Joseph Jagger Image credit: Wikipedia

βœ”οΈ Wrapping Up

If you’re anything like me, you like to exercise some caution when gambling or spending money online. That’s one of the reasons I set up this site.

With modern gambling – online or live, I want to be assured that casinos are not trying to scam you at roulette.
Or any other game. So I’ve made a point of playing for real money at any NZ roulette site I can find. This saves you the hassle and worry.

It’s still worth doing your research though – check out the list of online roulette casino reviews on this site to learn more.