Mobile Roulette – Gaming On The Go, 24/7

Do you love roulette but want to get away from your desktop or laptop?
Want to spin the wheels wherever and whenever you want?
Good news – it’s easy and we’ve got you covered.
Mobile roulette is super easy for New Zealanders.
Let’s find out more.

What Are The Best Mobile Roulette Sites?

At you’ll only find sites that are trusted, genuine and legit. Our expert team fully checks each one before we add them to our shortlist.
In our opinion the best mobile roulette sites are:

  • Royal Panda
  • LeoVegas
  • Yeti Casino
  • Spin Palace

Read on to discover what factors we look at when hand picking a mobile roulette casino for you.

What We Look For

As fellow roulette fans, we understand your needs. We also know that you don’t want to spend your valuable time sifting through 100s of online casinos. You want to see only the best. And we commit to doing just that.

So what do we take into account when reviewing mobile roulete sites and apps? Here’s the core ‘non-negotiables’ for us:

  • Customer service – We expect excellent service and to be able to use different contact methods. We’re looking for a team that is quick to respond and genuinely cares about their customers
  • Game variety – We’re looking to see variants like European, French and American Roulette. But also ones like live dealer and mini roulette
  • Mobile experience – We ensure the gameplay is just as good (if not better) than desktop. We’ll explore the graphics and how easy the game controls are. If the experience isn’t stellar, it won’t make our list
  • Easy banking – Here we want to see deposits and withdrawals that are just as easy as desktop. Can you quickly, securely and easily make a deposit or cash out? If the process is slow, clunky or unreliable we won’t recommend it
  • Bonuses – We’re expecting a generous welcome bonus for new roulette players. But we also ensure it’s easy to understand
  • Legitimacy – This might sound obvious but we take a good look at the company that owns the casino. We ensure they’re legit and legal – that means you’re not worrying when you deposit your real money
  • Fairness – We check that they use properly regulated and tested RNGs (Random Number Generators). After all, nobody wants to play at a rigged casino!

Why Play Roulette On Your Mobile?

There are tons of reasons that mobile roulette casinos are a great choice. In my opinion they are vastly superior to ‘brick and mortar’ casinos. Here’s a summary of the benefits of playing on your smartphone or tablet:

AccessibilityYou can play whenever you want
Play wherever you want
No need to travel to a casino or be constrained by opening times
BankingSecure transactions
Quick and easy deposits and withdrawals
Variety of deposit methods allowed
No need to buy/cash in casino chips
Game varietyEasy to find any variety of roulette online
No waiting for a table to open
BonusesMobile roulette sites offer some lucrative bonuses
ChoiceLarge number of mobile casinos to choose from
No need to travel in-between casinos like you would in person
No need to dress upOnline casinos don’t have dress codes
In fact, no need to be dressed at all (unless you’re playing live dealer)!

Real Money Mobile Roulette Apps

As a mobile gambler you’ve got two choices. Firstly you can just play on your mobile browser (with no download needed).
Or you can (for most NZ online casinos) download their free app and use that.
Both will give you the same games and bonuses. And neither is ‘better’ than the other. It’s down to personal choice.
Here’s a round up of what to consider:

Mobile Roulette Apps

  • Free, usually a quick download
  • Nearly always available for both Android and Apple
  • Easier to control and navigate
  • Often slightly better graphics

Mobile Gaming On Your Browser

  • No download needed
  • Same game choice
  • Can bookmark the site for easy access
  • Graphics might not be as good

How To Play Roulette On A Mobile

Ready to get started? You can be up and running with mobile roulette in just minutes.
Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Choose from one of the great mobile casinos we’ve listed
  2. Create an account
  3. Deposit some money
  4. If you want to, install their app (if not, just use your phone’s browser)
  5. Choose your favourite roulette game
  6. Play and enjoy:)
  7. (Hopefully) cash out your winnings!

Bonuses, Lovely Bonuses

Who doesn’t like free money? (If you answered yes, I’m worried!)
Online roulette sites are jostling for your business. And mobile casinos are no different, whether you’re on an app or site.

Welcome bonuses for new players offer an easy way to make the most of your roulette spending.
Most bonuses work by matching the amount you deposit and play through – but this varies site to site.

Be aware that most roulette bonuses don’t take into account the spend you have on very ‘low risk’ bets like red or black.
So make sure you read the terms and conditions of the bonus – that way you won’t have any nasty surprises.

Our 7 Expert Tips

If you’re playing roulette on your mobile for the first time, you might want some guidance.
Here’s the top tips the team and I have for new mobile gamblers in New Zealand:

  1. Only play at reputable sites (like the ones featured here)
  2. Try free games (allows you to learn the game with no risk)
  3. Make the most of your bonus (understand how you can get the most ‘bang from your buck’!)
  4. Give live dealer mobile roulette a go (it’s super fun)
  5. Use WiFi where possible (to save on your data use)
  6. Try different systems and strategies (find which you think are fun and winning)
  7. Stick to your bankroll (like any gambling game, be strict with your money)

Live Dealer Roulette On Mobile

If you’re played at an online casino before, you might have come across live dealer games. These are simply games with a real dealer on your screen.
Even though you’re not physically with them, you can interact with them like you would in real life. They’re really cool and very novel.

I personally like live dealer roulette if I’m in a sociable mood. Most dealers are fun and enjoy some banter and laughs with their players. It’s great to be able to share the highs and lows of your wins and losses with someone.

You’ll also find live dealer games available on mobile for blackjack, baccarat and Hold’em.

So What Now?

Hopefully by now you’re sold on mobile roulette. As you can see, you’ve got tons of options.
All you need to do now is choose one and get started.

If you click one of our links above, you can be playing mobile roulette in just a few minutes – it really is that easy.
Have fun and good luck!

Roulette SiteNew Zealand Friendly?BonusVisit Site
Magic Red✔️$200Visit

FAQs About Mobile Roulette

Can I play mobile roulette on any device?

Yes you can! ‘Mobile’ doesn’t just mean phones, it means any device. So whether you’ve got a smartphone, tablet or laptop – you’re good to go.
And that goes the same for operating systems. Apple fanboy/girl? Android fanatic? Whatever the case, you’re in for a treat.

Does it use tons of data?

Once you’re up and running (i.e. installed the app, if you’re going to), not really. Much of the data being sent/received by your device is about the bets, as the graphics are already downloaded.
As always though, unless you have a mobile plan with unlimited data, stick to WiFi. Do ensure the connection is secure, especially if you’re depositing or withdrawing money.

Can I play for real money on my mobile?

Absolutely! All the casinos we feature here offer real money play.
Gambling on your mobile gives you all the same choices you’d have if you were on a desktop.
And that means you can win real money too!

Remember you can play for real money on the best roulette apps and also the casino site itself.

What’s the best type of roulette to play on mobile?

The same ones you’d prefer on desktop. The experience isn’t vastly different, other than having a smaller screen.
Although there isn’t a ‘best’ type of roulette for mobile users, you could argue the live dealer experience isn’t as good on smaller screens.

What are the best mobile roulette sites for New Zealanders?

The main ones we recommend for NZ players are Royal Panda, LeoVegas, Yeti Casino and Spin Palace.
All of these support Android, iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices for easy roulette games.

Do I have to use an app to gamble on mobile?

Nope – it’s entirely up to you.
If you want to use an app (Apple or Android) – go for it.
If not – no worries.,

Can I play free roulette on my mobile?

Generally yes. Certainly all the casinos we’ve listed on this page offer free mobile roulette.
Whilst (obviously) you can’t win money this way, it gives you a no-risk way of trying the site and the game.
Or maybe you want to use it to test out a new roulette strategy.
Go for it. Then just switch to real money play when you’re ready.