Top Android Roulette Apps & Sites (2022 Guide)

Play Roulette On Your Android

Let’s face it – Android is way better than Apple. And it’s amazing for all kinds of gaming – especially roulette.
With 100s of Android roulette apps and sites competing for your business in New Zealand, where do you start?

Well, fellow Android gambler, you’re in the right place!

Today I’ll show you:

  • Where to play roulette on your Android
  • Apps and sites – pros and cons
  • Where to get huge welcome bonuses
  • Our top tips for Android roulette players

Ready? Let’s go! 👇

Find The Best Android Roulette Apps & Sites

It’s true – there are tons of online casinos which offer mobile roulette. Even (dare I say it) for iPhones. That’s great but can mean it gets overwhelming. You don’t want to be spending hours messing around setting up online casino accounts or downloading apps only to find out they’re junk.

That’s where we come in. We’ve been in that situation before. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve been tempted with a new casino site only to discover it’s got bad service, or, worse still, is a scam.

The roulette sites for Android we recommend here we have tested by playing with our own real money. We’ve also tested their customer service team to see if they’re quick and helpful when needed.
And most importantly, we played a ton of roulette on them (we do love our job sometimes!). We looked for New Zealand0-friendly sites that:

  • Are trusted and legit
  • Have world-class customer service
  • Have apps OR have sites that are well optimised for Android gamblers
  • Offer generous, easy to understand welcome bonuses
  • Have all the variations of roulette

So if you’re in a hurry and just want to get started with roulette on your Android ASAP, we’ve got you covered. The NZ online casinos listed below have been tested and verified by us. They’re superb options for Android roulette players, whether you want to use an app or just your browser.

Here are your best options for Android roulette in 2022 👇

Roulette SiteNew Zealand Friendly?BonusVisit Site
Magic Red✔️$200Visit

NZ Android Roulette Bonuses

Did someone say ‘free money’? Well kinda, yes. You see, with so many New Zealand online roulette casinos, they all want your business!

And how do they try and get that business? Via welcome bonuses. These bonuses can be in the $100s of $1000s of NZD and are a huge incentive to play roulette at that site.
After all, that’s an easy way of upping your bankroll just by doing something you were going to do anyway.

When you choose to take a welcome bonus (you don’t have to!) make sure you read up how it works. Usually there is what’s called a ‘play through’ requirement. Play through is the amount you’re wagering (be that roulette or any other game).
Something to watch for is that very low risk bets (like even/odd, or black/red) aren’t always taken into account.

So take advantage of those roulette bonuses, just make sure you know the T&Cs!

👉 Did you know – Europa Casino offers a staggeringly large welcome bonus up to $2400!

Real Money Android Roulette Apps

Is there anything better than winning big at roulette? Probably, but it’s still an amazing feeling!
Well, to win real money you’ve got to play with real money.

Real money Android roulette is safe, easy and fun if you stick to one of the NZ casinos we list on this page.
They’re all set up for easy access to deposits and withdrawals, and are safe and secure.

When you deposit real money you can use payment methods like credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, e-wallets and bank transfers.
These are all highly reputable sites and they take security of your data and ‘KYC‘ seriously.

You can play real money Android roulette either through the casino site (i.e. your browser) or via the app, if the site offers one.

The other advantage of real money roulette is it will count towards your bonus ‘play through’. So not only can you win real money, but you’re earning it as well through that bonus!

Free Android Roulette

OK maybe you’re not ready to play for real money just yet. That’s cool. Maybe you want a chance to check the casino out first.
Maybe you just want a chance to practice some strategies you’ve read about.

Whatever your reason, it’s super easy. All of the Android roulette sites (and apps) we recommend here offer some free play.
They’re still the same games, it’s just your not risking any actual money.

If you like what you see you can just head over to the cashier and deposit some actual money.

How We Choose NZ Roulette Sites

We take reviewing roulette sites and casinos seriously. Our aim is to give you the most trusted NZ casinos so you can play with peace of mind.
Over the years we’ve built our own review framework which takes into account many factors including:

Game Variety

Game Variety

We’re looking here for Android roulette apps that offer us as many variants of the game as possible.

The ones we recommend will give you the usual ones like American and European roulette. But they’ll also give you the fun, engaging game of live dealer roulette. As today’s Android phones and tablets have pretty amazing graphics, live dealer games work really well.

We also like to see newer variants like multi-ball or lightning roulette. That way you’ll never get bored.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Deposit Methods

If you want to play with real money, you’ll want to ensure it’s safe and secure. It’s a key thing we look for.

When we rate roulette apps and sites we check that transactions are safe, for both deposits and withdrawals. We love to see NZ casinos that use regulators like eCOGRA or TST to have the highest standards of security possible.

We also make sure that you have various way of making a deposit. These days we want to see at minimum, support for some e-wallets as well as debit/credit cards.


Roulette Bonuses

Earlier I showed you some of the biggest bonuses that Android roulette apps and sites offer.

Whilst it’s not the most important factor, it’s definitely something we take seriously. Think of the old expression ‘getting the most bang from your buck’. That’s exactly the point of us reviewing the welcome bonus.

We look for two things. Firstly is the amount you can get. Obviously the higher the better as that gives you a great way of filling you your bankroll. But we also make sure your bonus is easy to understand. That way you’ve got no nasty surprises.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Whilst having a great gaming experience is good, we also want to see a casino that takes service seriously.

If you’re having an issue making a deposit, or confused about a game’s rules, you want a team you can contact quickly and easily.

So we actually test the customer service. We use whatever ways they have of contacting them (e.g. phone, email, live chat) and see what they’re like. We want to see customer service reps that reply quickly, know what they’re talking about, and genuinely care about their players. If the casino doesn’t show that, they don’t make the cut.

How To Get Started

Getting started at an Android roulette site (or via an app) is ridiculously easy. Here’s what you need to do 👇

  1. Choose one of our recommended roulette casinos
  2. Create an account (this will take just a couple of minutes)
  3. Deposit funds (if you want to play for real money)
  4. Download the app if you want to
  5. Enjoy some great Android roulette 🙂

(Bonus stage 6: win big and cash out:) )

Apps v Sites

Android Roulette

When you play roulette on your Android phone or tablet, you’ve got two ways you can do it.
Firstly you can download the app, if the NZ online casino has one. If they do, it’s usually worth downloading and installing it (after all, it’s free).
What makes me say that? Well when an online casino makes an app, it’s fully optimised for their product and games. For you that means a really streamlined roulette experience on your Android. It’s usually quicker to access the games and the graphics are often better.
And if you’re going to be playing there a lot, you can just add a shortcut to the app on your home screen. You’re then just a press away from playing.

But what if you don’t want to use an app for roulette or the online casino doesn’t have one? It’s all good. You can just use Chrome or whatever browser you want on your Android device.
This way there’s no download or anything to install. You just access the casino site like you would on your desktop and play as normal.

What Roulette Games Can I Play On My Android?

You can play exactly the same variants of roulette as you can on your desktop. So that means you can play 👇

  • American roulette (ugh – double zeros!)
  • French roulette
  • European roulette
  • Live dealer roulette (this is better experienced on an Android tablet rather than phone)
  • Mini-ball roulette
  • Multi-wheel roulette
  • Lightning roulette

…and of course you can also play all the other casino games like pokies, blackjack, baccarat and poker. But c’mon, we all know roulette is best, right?

6 Top Tips

I’ve played a lot of roulette, especially on my Android. Here’s some top tips I’d like to give you to help you get the most from your gaming:👇

  1. Try the app – worse case you download and install it and don’t like it. Much more likely is you prefer it to playing through your browser. In my experience it’s slicker and easier using the roulette app
  2. Know your bonus – have a read of the T&Cs so you know what’s needed to earn the bonus. That will help you avoid nasty surprises
  3. Try different games – it’s easy to stick to what you know, But it’s tons of fun trying out new variants of roulette like lightning roulette
  4. Try roulette systems and strategies – they’re fun to learn and you might just get lucky!
  5. Avoid these common mistakes roulette players make
  6. Know your best and odds – make sure you know what you’re betting on and how it could pay out

Android Roulette In New Zealand- Summary

So there we have it. As you’ve seen, playing roulette games on your Android is easy, fun and safe.
Android roulette apps and sites offer you the buzz of online casino gaming, with the convenience of using your normal smartphone or tablet.
There’s plenty of options in New Zealand but we’ve shortlisted the top five for you here. All you need to do now is choose one and get started today!

Roulette SiteNew Zealand Friendly?BonusVisit Site
Magic Red✔️$200Visit

Android Roulette FAQs

📱 What are the best Android roulette apps and sites for New Zealand?

Any of the ones listed above are a good bet (pun intended). Stick with ones like Casumo, Twin and Wildz for the best roulette experience on Androids.

❔ Are Androids safe for roulette online?

They sure are. The operating system is really robust and secure. Combine that with the high level of security and data protection that top NZ roulette sites offer and you can play with total peace of mind.

ℹ️ Do I have to download and install an app?

No, you don’t have to install an app to play roulette on your Android.
You can just log in to the online casino on your device’s browser and play from there.

❓ Can I play roulette on my Android?

Yes yes and yes! Androids are great devices to play roulette on. They have amazing graphics and screens which really bring the game to life. And of course you can choose to play via a roulette Android app for easy access.

❓ Can I play roulette on my Android tablet?

Yes you can. As Android is an operating system, you can use it on any device. In fact, playing roulette on an Android tablet is probably better than a phone. That’s because of the size of the screen – especially helpful for when you’ve playing live dealer roulette.