Making Their Mark: All About Roulette Dollys

Nope, we’re not talking about kids toys today! I wanted to answer something a few new players have asked me recently.
And that’s about one of the most common roulette accessories – roulette dollys.
This will be a super quick article as frankly there isn’t a lot to cover!

So What Are Roulette Dollys?

Roulette dolly
Image credit: Masters Traditional Games

A roulette dolly is something that’s used to mark the winning numbers on a roulette table.
It’s that simple!

Why Are They Used?

Dollys are used so it’s clear to the players which number was the winning one. This saves any confusion from the dealer just announcing the number.
And for deaf or hard-of-hearing folks, it makes their gameplay much easier.

For the casino, the benefit is the use of a roulette dolly reduces the risk of cheating. Because the dolly is placed on the chips that are on the winning number, a player can’t then add more.

So using a dolly in roulette is a win-win for the player and casino. Also, in my opinion, they just look cool:)

What Are Roulette Dollys Made Of?

They can be made of anything (there’s no rule as such about what materials should be used). So they could be constructed from:

  • Plastic
  • Metal (e.g. brass)
  • Glass
  • Perspex
  • Acrylic
  • Wood

Who Makes Roulette Dollys?

Any casino equipment manufacturer will normally also make accessories like roulette dollys.

You can also find game and party manufactures that make them.

Where Can I Buy A Roulette Dolly?

Any casino accessory/equipment store will offer them. Sadly there aren’t many of these stores in New Zealand so you may need to look overseas.
I’ve seen a few on Amazon but frankly they look quite cheap and of poor quality.

If you’re wanting to buy a roulette dolly (or other casino gear) check out:

So What Is A Roulette Marker?

A roulette marker is just another term for dolly. It’s probably one that makes most sense (as most people associate the word ‘dolly’ with a children’s toy).

So There You Go

Now you know what a roulette dolly is and why it’s used.
As always, good luck at the tables!