15 Roulette Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

Because roulette is such a fun and easy casino game to play, it’s easy to get stuck in without knowing what you’re doing. Roulette mistakes might involve your betting decisions, your psychological state or how you use your money.
I want to see my visitors really enjoy their roulette gaming. So I’ve put together this list of roulette mistakes that are easy to make. And what you can do it avoid them.


Being clueless about the rules

❌Not knowing the rules of the game is a rookie error. Roulette is a simple game to learn. But if you play it without understanding the rules, it can be confusing and frustrating. This is especially true in a live casino as you could then be displaying bad etiquette. That’s true even with simple rules like ‘no more bets‘.
✔️Take a few minutes to learn the rules. Know how the game works – this will help you enjoy it tons more.

Being clueless about the odds

❌Not knowing the odds of roulette. Again, the odds aren’t too hard to understand. But if you don’t, you’re going to be confused about what you win when the ball lands.
✔️Read up on the odds!

Being clueless about the variants

❌Tons of new players just sit down (be that live or even on mobile roulette) and start any game they see. That means they won’t understand the differences between say European and American roulette. And how the odds are different.
✔️Take some time to learn how each type of roulette differs., Not just American/European but also ones like multi-ball and mini-roulette.


Betting anywhere and everywhere

❌Just betting blindly is a bad move. Shoving your chips around without really thinking about what you’re betting on is a bad idea. This sets you up for confusion and a fast-diminishing bankroll.
✔️Think about your bet before you make it. And understand the odds of it.

Not understanding how each bet works

❌If you don’t know how the different bets (and therefore odds) work, you’re setting yourself up for failure and confusion. If you don’t, you’re kind of in the dark as to what pays what.
✔️Understand the different bets. Learn what they each pay.

Assuming a system will win

❌Sorry to break the news to you but no roulette system or strategy will make you profit in the long term. Remember – the casino/house will always be profitable in the long run. Yes, roulette betting systems are fun and interesting – but they won’t make you money. If they did, everyone would know and use them and casinos wouldn’t operate.
✔️Try roulette systems but understand they won’t make you money..

Playing under the influence

Playing drunk or on drugs

❌Playing roulette (or any gambling game) after drinking or taking drugs is incredibly foolish. You will play badly and take more risks. You won’t be thinking clearly which isn’t a good idea when you’re risking real money.
✔️Only gamble when you’re sober (or maybe limit yourself to one or two drinks)


Thinking you can beat the casino

❌Don’t be thinking you can beat the wheel or the ‘house’. You can’t.
Sure, you might well have a profitable roulette session here and there. But remember over the long term, the casino will profit.
That’s just basic mathematics and no system or strategy will change that. Sorry!
✔️Accept that roulette is a game of luck and that’s what makes it fun.

Having ‘lucky’ numbers

Many of us have numbers we think of as lucky. Often times folks use them in their lottery numbers.
It’s also common for roulette players to bet on them.
❌There’s no point in betting on ‘lucky’ numbers. Because no number is lucky.
✔️Bet on different numbers and don’t stick to something which has no maths behind it

Gambler’s fallacy

❌Thinking you’re ‘due’ or ‘owed’ a win. This is called the gambler’s fallacy.
You might see the roulette ball land on red ten times in a row. You then assume that the next spin will land on black because it’s overdue.
This isn’t the case. Each spin is random and previous ones don’t impact that.
✔️Understand that roulette is random and don’t let the ‘history’ of the spins affect your bets.

Chasing losses

❌Many players get frustrated and play emotionally when they’re losing. They end up trying to win back the money they’ve lost (‘chasing their losses’). This is a very very bad idea and usually ends up in you having zero bankroll left.
✔️If you’re having a bad session or have lost tons of money, just stop. Or at least take a break. You’ll thank yourself for it (as will your bankroll).


Not having a set bankroll

When you’re playing online roulette, proper bankroll management is super important.
❌Many new players don’t make a point of setting aside specific amount. The risk here is you keep loading up with more money and spend more than you feel comfortable with.
✔️It’s better to give yourself a limit and stick to it

Not quitting whilst you’re ahead

If you’re having a good session or ‘winning streak’ – quit while you’re ahead and cash out your winnings.
❌There’s nothing worse than running hot, building up a ton of chips then just spewing them away again.
✔️Be strict with yourself – maybe you want to decide on an amount or profit to quit the session at.

Not using welcome bonuses

❌If you’re not taking advantage of new player bonuses that online casinos give you, you’re making a rookie mistake.
Sure, not all of them are designed to benefit roulette players as much as games like pokies. But they’re still an easy and simple way to build your bankroll and get the most from your online gambling spend.
✔️When you choose which roulette site to play at, make sure you choose one with a generous new player bonus.

Not understanding the welcome bonuses

Like I’ve said above, bonuses often don’t favour the roulette player. That’s because it’s easy with roulette to make very low risk bets like black or red.
Those kinds of bets are usually ignored by the casino when they look at your ‘play through’ towards the welcome bonus.
❌ Not knowing how the bonus works sets you up for frustration and disappointment.
✔️So make a point of reading the terms and conditions before you start.


So there we have it. 15 roulette mistakes that you can now avoid.
Play sensibly and have fun at the tables. Good luck!