What Does No More Bets Mean?

There’s tons of terminology in roulette (and gambling in general). Today I’ll talk you through what ‘no more bets’ means – although it’s one that’s fairly obvious given its name.

What is meant by ‘no more bets’?

When a casino says ‘no more bets’ or ‘no more bets please’ it means you have to stop betting straight away. It’s also sometimes said as ‘all bets are off’.

Why does a casino say ‘no more bets’?

It’s said so that players are aware bets are closed. Think of it as a line in the sand so it’s super clear what’s happening. It’s there for fairness and to prevent bettors placing bets at a point where they can see, or can accurately predict, the outcome of the roulette wheel spin.
‘No more bets’ also means people can’t change their bet either (e.g. reduce/increase the amount bet, or move from one number to another).

When is ‘no more bets’ called in roulette?

This varies casino to casino but often is when there are three revolutions left (i.e. of the roulette ball before it drops into a number).

What is the French version?

The French translation of ‘no more bets’ is ‘rien ne va plus‘ (albeit slightly different meaning as it’s ‘nothing goes any more’)

What is late betting?

Late betting is making a bet after the ‘no more bets’ call. Basically it’s what ‘no more bets’ is there to prevent. Late betting is cheating as the later you place your bet, the more advantage you have in predicting the outcome of the roulette spin.
Unless you haven’t heard the croupier say ‘no more bets’, or you’re trying to cheat, late betting won’t be an issue for you!
This is only an issue for live casino play – obviously in online roulette the casino site can easily prevent late bets being played by blocking the option to do so.

…And that’s all you need to know – pay attention to the dealer and you’re all set.